Thank you for considering buying EasyAds Application, you will not regret it 🙂

We actually have two types of licenses that we sell for EasyAds, although this is not very clear on Envato we will try to explain in this article in details to eliminate any kind of confusion before purchasing.

Regular License

This license called regular is for using EasyAds without any payment walls (payment gateways), and you will have no limiting in the application at all, the only difference will be that you (as an admin) will monetize from your users by displaying advertising banners like Google Adsense.

Use case for Regular license:

If you want to start an application like OLX or Quickr to be free for all your users at the beginning without charging them any money for publishing ads but you want to make some money to recover some of your costs  by displaying partners banners or adding Google Adsense banners, then this is the perfect License for you.

Extended License:

This license called Extended is for using EasyAds with payment walls (payment gateways), you will have also no limitation to the application at all, and you will be able to charge your users with the payment gateways included, of course you will be able also to use the advertisement system exactly like in Regular License.

Use case for Extended license:

If you want to start a full top-notch classified ads application and charge money from your users using payment gateways (e.g. for publishing ads using promo packages), then the Extended license is the one you need to use.

* Upgrading your license:

 To upgrade your license from Regular to Extended please refer to this article and the conditions of the upgrade : How to upgrade Regular license to Extended license?

Legal notes

This refers to the above licenses and all the conditions to meet the terms of use:
– : “If the item is used within the free part, the Regular License if fine. If the item is used only in a part that requires payment to access, you need the Extended License.”

Important note

If you purchase a license and violate the terms of use of that license (e.g. purchase the Regular license and use it as Extended License) we reserve the right to notify you with the application admin AND put your application on offline mode until you upgrade to the right license.

Please keep in mind that all this measurements and boring docs are only to make sure that we are fair to all our clients: Regular license and Extended license, and no one is breaking the rules.