To use the payment gateways you need to purchase the Extended license per envato terms and conditions.

To upgrade the license please follow the next steps:

  1. Buy new extended license from here:
  2. After that, open a refund request for the regular license on Envato website.
  3. Write us here about the refund you did, so we can allow Envato to process the refund for you

And this way you get your money back from envato for the regular license and you have a new Extended license.

Note: You don’t have to reinstall the application, but just update the license purchase code in EasyAds admin -> settings -> license with the Extended license purchase code

Important note: This can happen within 30-45 days from purchasing the regular license, we will not refund very old regular licenses.

Please refer to this legal notes provided by Envato Market if you have any questions regarding licensing: